A career

that has the human at heart

The Talents & Culture team provides a pleasant work environment at the office! This is why recruiting passionate talents is the core of our mission. We make sure that everyone blends well to the team’s dynamic. Discover what your career at Ineat – Soluteo could look like!


Hello! I am Marijane, the Talents & Culture Dicrector here at Ineat – Soluteo. I am in charge of the well being of our team as well as talent research. Founded in 2006, Ineat is an IT company that kept its Start Up vibe. We are specialized in digital solutions, programming and IT consulting (marketing, training, websites, mobile application, software,…). I am looking for passionate people, whether you are a student looking for an internship or an established professional. Ineat is an excellent place to further your career. My objective is to get to know you and I hope you will have the chance to join our amazing team!

Marijane Moreau Peterson, CRHA
Talents & Culture Director


In a unique and human-centered climate, you will benefit from amazing work conditions!

Modern office space

We’re located in a classic yet modernized office building in Old Montreal.


Our employees get to enjoy amazing fresh fruit baskets every weeks.


We’re fully equipped with a top-of-the-line coffee machine. We also have tea and hot chocolate , if that’s your thing.

Library atmosphere

You will be in a studious-like Open Space. But we’re never safe from a nerf gun battle or a spreading laughter!

Easy access

The area is well served by public transportation, you will be able to come by metro, by bus, by Bixi or by foot.


There are other major perks to joining the team.

Collective insurance

Therapeutic massages, dental care, medicine, travel insurance- you and your family will be covered by our collective insurance.


You’ll get the chance to work on emerging futuristic technologies.

Flexible hours

We understand the importance of work-life balance, and make sure to accommodate your lifestyle as much as possible.


There’s no better place to learn than in a company with this much knowledge and fifteen years of experience.

Opus card at 60$ reimbursed

Ineat – Soluteo will reimburse 60$ of your OPUS monthly fees.

Brain room

If you ever feel invaded by stress, fatigue or pressure, you can retreat to the Brain Room to release tension and get your energy back.


Ineat – Soluteo’s main strength is the team. Employees are friends first, colleagues second. Managers are accessible, and employee satisfaction is at the heart of our core priorities.



In order to get in an interview process with us, you will need to get in touch with the Talents & Culture team. If your profile is identified as being a potential asset for the team, here is the process:


You will have a phone chat with our Talents & Culture Director.


You will meet with our Talents & Culture Director, followed by a technical interview with a team manager.


If your profile is more technical, you will have a practical test to do at home.


You will be back in our office to meet a few team members. If your profile is more technical, we will give you feedback on your practical test.


A meeting with the President

What about the internships?

We offer internships for candidates from different Quebec universities and from various programs, depending on our needs at the time. To be admissible, you must be a registered student in a Quebec university and have a recognized internship within your academic path. An internship agreement must be emitted by your university as well.

When do you welcome your interns?

We welcome our interns at each new university sessions.

How can I apply for an internship ?

We post our internship openings on a few university portals. You can also send us your resume and academic transcript directly from our website.

How much will I get paid as an intern?

We use a salary scale grid to ensure equity depending on your level of experience, the same way we do with all of our employees.