Toronto and Tech


Did you know that Toronto is the leading tech hub for Canada? This tidbit might not be a surprise to some, but what’s interesting about Toronto is that since 2010, the city has added 51, 000 tech jobs, proving the city to be comparable to other tech leaders like Silicon Valley and New York.

The data comes from TechToronto, in collaboration with PwC, the Innovation Policy Lab at the Munk School of Affairs and data modelling firm Emsi, in a report that provides a comprehensive look into Toronto’s growth within tech-related industries. The report suggests Toronto’s place in tech is on a steady expansion and how entrepreneurship is fuelling that progress. In reference to a past article regarding Canada’s optimism in taking over a larger part of the tech market, perhaps Canada is closer to its goal of cementing itself as a powerful leader may not be too far out of reach. Source

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