Code on the Go

Picks_Septembre_Code on the Go

Interested in coding but don’t have the time to apply yourself to a new skill? Coding might not be part of your daily operations but no matter the industry, learning how to code can be an asset and an advantage when modernizing your business. With new applications like Mimo, you can learn how to code on the go without the long-term commitment. The app provides short and easy lessons on how to read and use HTML, JavaScript, Swift, Python, CSS and more.

Even if none of the new skills are applicable to your individual responsibilities, knowing how to code will benefit meetings with web developers, graphic designers, as well as allow you to feel more confident about making the progressive switch to both mobile and online. With easy to use applications like Mimo that allow you to learn at your own pace and when it’s convenient (the lessons don’t take longer than a couple of minutes), you really don’t have anything to lose, so what are you waiting for? Time to gain some technical background. Source

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