Toronto and Tech

Did you know that Toronto is the leading tech hub for Canada? This tidbit might not be a surprise to some, but what's interesting about Toronto is that since 2010,...

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The 15 Million Social Secret

Looking for a social media platform to manage all your social profiles? Have you tried Hootsuite? While there are a few social media management platforms on the market, Hootsuite has...

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Meet Google’s Allo, Your New Messenger

We've heard of multiple useful and interesting messenger apps on the market, but Google's messenger app Allo, may take the cake for most interesting. For starters, Google's Allo has integrated...

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Driverless Cars, Would You Ride?

Would you trust riding in a driverless car? It’s no surprise that the technology for driverless cars is currently undergoing testing. Uber, for example, has already tested the technology in...

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If you're on Trick-O-Treating duty this year, make the most of the experience by knowing which neighbourhoods are participating before hand. The app Nextdoor, lets you know which houses are...

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Tech and The Next President

With the election around the corner, it's hard to pay attention to anything else. With both candidates aiming to secure the most votes, communicating through mobile, may be the one...

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Hemingway To The Rescue

Need some extra help on that essay? Sometimes, an editing app can come in handy, especially when you’re dealing with an important client and documents. The Hemingway App is essential to...

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