The internship experience at Soluteo

Chindavanh, graduate from Industrial Relations at Université de Montréal
1st internship at Soluteo

Position: Human Resources (HR)

It is not only about the espresso, the basket of fresh fruits and the breathtaking view of the Old-Montreal, it’s about much more!

My first impression
When I first stepped in the office for my interview, I knew right away that I wanted to be part of the team. Not only was there a welcoming vibe, in a very modern open space office, but also the fact that everyone was very professional throughout the process. I even secretly wished that no other company would call me back because I had already made up my mind (#iswear). That day, when I received the e-mail notification from Soluteo confirming my “match” with their needs, I was very glad. My sixth sense didn’t fail me.

Not So Familiar With IT
One of the first questions they asked me was if I could foresee any kind of challenges in the role of a HR intern. I was very upfront and honest about my experience with IT and was not reluctant to mention that I was a neophyte in the matter. Nevertheless, I knew that if I were given the chance, I would do the job to the best of my abilities and provide good quality work.

I was not much of a “geek” to begin with, well, except for my obsession with all the Apple gadgets. I can’t help it, they are so user friendly (#teamapple). At the beginning, I was lost, especially for the first couple of weeks. I had the impression that I was learning a foreign language when I heard the developers talk to each other.

Now that it comes to an end, I think that I am not too bad at sorting out the difference between a front-end developer, a back-end developer, a mobile developer and a full stack developer (#JavaScript, #AngularJS, #HTML5, #Java, #MongoDB, #MEAN stack, #Node.js, #SQL, #Objective-C, #Swift, #RESTful APIs).

Shout out to my supervisor for his patience, his precious time and his never-ending support. I never felt like a burden, especially with my hundreds of IT-related questions.

Personality fit: Check
Sincere recognition and genuine appreciation are highly energizing. Let’s be honest, it feels great when other people notice and appreciate what you do and who you are. As an intern, I never felt left out. I was considered as part of the team.

As I think back and compare organization and team cultures with other opportunities I had, my experience at Soluteo has been, without doubt, one of the most fulfilling ones in recent years.

Soluteo is an organization that values collaboration, team building, as well as transferring knowledge and skills among one another. It shows its willingness to improve and carry out its employer brand.

Why should you choose Soluteo?
Very simple: you will grow both professionally and personally.

You will work with a dynamic team who will recognize your value and skills. Since everyone is passionate about what they do, you will learn a lot from their experience, knowledge and expertise.

On a lighter note, their 6 @8 are the best! The relaxed ambiance will allow you to see a different side of your co-workers. To maximize performance and results, the leaders understand that one must take the time to get to know each other and encourage friendship.

On a personal note: Soluteo gave me a platform to prove my talent and grow on many aspects of my career.

Good luck!

Andrés, 2nd year CO-OP student in Computer Science at Concordia University
1st internship at Soluteo

Position: Front-end developer

The location

One reason why I chose to do my internship at Soluteo is the location. During my first internship, I had to take two buses and the subway, making around an hour and a half of travel (3 hours per day, in total). Soluteo, in contrast, is located near downtown Montreal, 15 minutes away from the Bonaventure subway station. Going to work takes me around 45 minutes; that’s half the time compared to my first internship!

In addition to the proximity, the beauty of Old Montreal was also a deciding factor. The view from the kitchen is truly incredible!

The Team
Another reason is the team. Since it is a small business, the cohesion between the team members is essential. Soluteo understands this well. As a result, it ensures to always have a friendly working environment. At Soluteo, everyone helps each other. When you ask questions, people are available to lend a hand and guide you through the process. They see you as a team member instead of seeing you as an intern.

Before this internship, I had never used AngularJS. It was quite a challenge but the team trusted me and gave me all the tools and the time that I needed to learn. What I liked most is my “Onboarding project”. Most of the time, when new employees familiarize themselves with new tools and/or technologies, they first fix bugs or work on internal projects that will never be implemented in the company’s products. However, at Soluteo, it was completely the opposite. I had the pleasure of working on a module that will be implemented gradually on several products of the company. The confidence and trust they showed me made my work feel very satisfying.

Flexible Hours
Another positive aspect is the schedule. Each person is different. Some people like to start working early in the morning, while others prefer to work later in the day. Regardless, everyone has his place here. The core hours are from 10am to 4pm; but there is nothing wrong with starting at 8am or finishing at 7pm! Everyone builds his schedule according to his taste and needs.