The internship experience at Soluteo

Chindavanh, graduate from Industrial Relations at Université de Montréal 1st internship at Soluteo Position: Human Resources (HR) It is not only about the espresso, the basket of fresh fruits and the breathtaking view...

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Made in Canada

If you type “mobile application development” in the Google Search bar, you’ll get over 28.6 M results. Talk about choices. But just like any buffet, there are some options you should stay away from....

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Soluteo — #UNICEF #WHYBEAR Campaign

Soluteo, a specialist in mobile solutions, is pleased to announce its commitment for the first time, to sponsor the DAC Jet’s #whybear Campaign during the Montreal Grand Prix 2016. This...

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Will Smart TVs be intelligent?

Why is there a Smart TV war going on? Content has always been king. The way that we consume it however, is changing at break-neck speeds. Cable companies used to be...

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We Build Apps like the Swiss Build Watches

Since 2001, Soluteo has been a leader in mobile app innovation. Our passionate team of technology and usability experts excels at turning client requirements, audience analysis and comprehensive testing into...

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