The family grows!

Soluteo joins INEAT group, a French company operating in Québec since February 2018. INEAT is specialized in digital transformation, it wants to keep growing and opening itself to the world market.


For the past 10 years INEAT has kept innovating to create new experiences. The company provides many services to tackle any problems its clients might have.
INEAT can scale its offering to your need, from a basic website to a complex e-commerce platform with millions of orders. If you want to implement a CRM, develop a mobile app or set up a CRM, you can trust its consultants to make all the good calls on tech and marketing subjects!

The French company was born in northern France and now has more than 350 employees from around the world, with revenue of more than €30 million.


Current clients of Soluteo will benefit from the large international expertise of INEAT and its various offices in Europe (Lille, Paris, Lyon, Bruxelles, Londres) and in Asia (Shanghai).

“This alliance with INEAT will let us provide an enriched offer to our clients, especially on the innovation and maintenance front”, said Sigisbert Ratier

It will be a strategic upgrade where we can offer our clients a 24-hour support on their projects. A project will start in one time zone and continue in another one.



We assist executive management, Business and IT departments in their digital transformation in order to target and develop new business opportunities.


Our experts assist you in the development of your user-centric strategy. Each of your clients or associates deserves your best consideration. We follow you and guide you to achieve this goal. Whether you are a Startup, a small business or a large multinational, our offers adapt to your needs.


We pilot the projects with commitment of result and the maintenance of application assets. We create and develop digital solutions, then package and make innovative products, ready to use.


Whether it is to implement e-commerce, Web or mobile applications, multi-channel projects or data management solutions (CMS application, Big Data), we rely on a strong innovation approach and put our ecosystem at your service.


From the design of your systems to the hosting of your applications, we provide a complete and integrated DevOps offer to manage and operate your infrastructures.


Our experts accompany your teams to facilitate your projects in short sessions (2 hours), more traditional sessions of a few days or as part of a team coaching where we will be immersed in your daily life.


INEAT wants to recruit 40 employees in Montreal by 2020, in addition to opening offices in Western Canada and the United States. The company is recognized for its expertise and its management style, where the well-being of its employees is immensely valued.

“In a market where finding and keeping new talent is a critical issue for the stability of a growing company, we have chosen a strong positioning with flexible work schedules, unlimited sick leave, no trial period, four weeks of holidays from the beginning and health coverage for employees and their family. In addition to competitive salaries, we also offer the opportunity to take advantage of our European and Asian offices to all our employee.”  Explained Yves Delnatte, cofounder of INEAT group.


INEAT takes care of their clients


Our team will be pleased to give you perspective on your market or industry. We will guide you through any project, whether it’s a clear goal or just an idea. You wish to discover how technologies can improve your work on the day-to-day? Give us a call!