our mission

We help your business innovate with mobile technology

our vision

A world of efficiency through the continuous creation of innovative mobile solutions

our team of experts*

*In alphabetical order 
alain floret
Senior Developer

Alain has a French degree in Software Engineering. He has worked in the Information Technology Industry for over 12 years, with 5 dedicated to the mobile technology field. Big hockey fan, we think he came to Canada to become an NHL player, but he says it was to discover new horizons. Alain has a passion for new technologies and strongly believes the future resides in the mobile sector, and we think he is right. “Live your dreams, don’t dream your life.” is a quote he lives by. Proof being: he moved here. 

justin fugère-henry
Human Resources Coordinator

With a university degree in Industrial Relations and a passion for people, Justin is our employee experience go-to person in the office. If he is not in our office, you might cross his path on a hiking trail, at a campground, or in a Brazilian Jujitsu fight. Why Human Resources? “It is a business field, which takes into consideration factors infinitely more complex than numbers and profits.” Justin strongly believes every employee has an impact on our success and we totally agree.

sigisbert ratier
President and Co-Founder

Established in Canada since 2007, Sigisbert is a Parisien, he likes… No wait: He has a passion for good food, good wine, & champagne. Why North America? Simply because it is the most beautiful continent there is. Thankfully, he is also a skier, which makes our Canadian winters go faster. Sigisbert finds his daily inspiration within Soluteo‘s team. If he is not at the office, don’t worry, he probably is at the racetrack, or travelling some place where the wine is good and the food delicious.

henri trouillard
Director of Operations

The strength of a survivor, the passion of a musician, the perseverance of an athlete, the brain of a geek, and the will of a dreamer. That’s Henri, and these are the skills he brings to Soluteo. The famous Steve Jobs quote “Keep looking, don’t settle” truly inspires Henri, which in turn greatly benefits Soluteo’s operations. Through continuous improvement, smooth knowledge transfer, and perfectly aligned technical and business objectives in every project. Henri can pretty much do anything! Then again, if it requires manual tools, he’s a little hopeless (seriously).

our story

Soluteo was born in Europe

Soluteo platform design & development


Field force automation solution launched

Robert Transport Chooses Soluteo


Soluteo opens its first office in Canada

McGill Air and GT Group choose Soluteo


Sigisbert moves to Montreal

Videotron chooses Soluteo


Montreal becomes head office

Staff doubles over 2005


Via Rail Chooses Soluteo


Soluteo first client in the US

Transition to multi-platforms


New Office in the Old Port of Montreal


Staff doubles from 2014

Videotron chooses Soluteo again

MUHC chooses Soluteo for the grand opening

Securitas chooses Soluteo

Via Rail chooses Soluteo again


An incredible future ahead!